Personal Financial Planning

Time for making plans?
Do you often worry about your personal finances yet struggle to find the time to do anything about it?  We all share a common desire for financial security and it’s never too late to get your personal finances under control.  Our team of experienced Chartered Financial Consultants will listen to your concerns and help you get where you want to be.

At Dorman Legacy Advisors, we deliver comprehensive financial planning of the highest caliber.  This begins with our process which firmly focuses on what matters to you and your family. Our highly skilled team won’t recommend a variety of unrelated products but will consider your overall objectives and provide a financial strategy to help you work towards those goals and achieve the life you deserve.

Through our process we will work with you to:

  • Review your current financial position
  • Ensure you have adequate insurance protection
  • Advise on wealth management strategies
  • Prepare for your retirement years with a well-conceived retirement planning strategy
  • Help minimize tax consequences
  • Assess appropriate estate planning strategies

And because we fully understand that things change, be it tax laws, the economy, your personal or professional circumstances, we meet with you regularly to review your plan and ensure it continues to work for you.