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Exit Planning and Business Succession

Your business is an integral part of your life. You work in your business every day and, if you are lucky you may even make time to work on your business. But someday, you want to leave your business and when you do, it should be on your terms.

You need to address issues including what your business looks like if you aren’t there and how to satisfy your retirement income needs from your personal assets. You will need to talk to someone who understands the issues business owners face and knows that retirement isn’t the end, but the beginning of a new chapter.

At Dorman Legacy Advisors, LLC we help business owners identify the biggest challenges to their exit from their business and devise a detailed plan to overcome them. The written plan that we create becomes the business owner’s roadmap to a successful exit from their business—one that is completed on their terms. For more information on questions please contact one of our trusted professionals.

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